Wednesday, January 18, 2006

me and lux

I babysat little Lux while the Grandparents were all on vacation. He was so cute, I was running around the house, keeping busy with stuff and he was watching a movie. Probably with all my bustle, he said, "Uncle Ted, sit down here" and pointed to the place next to him. I sat and he would put his head on my head and we watched the movie. He was up for anything... "want to eat?", "want to go the bookstore?", "I have to go to Target"... everything was "okay!" He ate more than usual that day... spaghetti in the morning and then a pizza in the afternoon.

Monday, January 16, 2006

midnight ridaaz

I got Tony's black bike all fixed up. It's such a sweet ride, total cruiser, 3 speeds, a fine looking bike. Probably made in the 60s sometime, I totally understand Tony's happiness on that ride, I kind of imagine feeling the same thing he did on that bike. Its sort of a tall bike, upright cruiser, a little shaky, but steady, you feel like your on a faithful, old bike. We did the midnight ridaaz tour, it was excellent.... 500+ bikers cruising through LA. They do it every month, we'll definitely do it again.