Monday, November 13, 2006

Ray Barbee & Mattson II Sketch

Ray Barbee & Mattson II Sketch
Originally uploaded by poketo.

Attached is a sketch from my friend, SF artist, Nathalie Rolands
sketchbook. This was done from when Ray and the Mattson II played Thomas
Campbells art opening in LA.

I really like this sketch a lot. It's really great to have all these
friends, from totally different parts of my life, converge (is that even a
word?) and make the little things in life a little bit better.

All are fantastic, from Nathalie an amazing woodcut artist (and sweet
girl), to Ray being not only a brilliant skateboarder, but in my opionion,
and even better musician, to Thomas, who well, is Thomas. One word of
about Tmoe. He is where he is at, artistically and whatnot, by hard work
and a belief in himself. I'll be the first to say, it's not natural
talent by that man. He has turned out to be a significant artist and surf
film maker.

xo, TV1